FAQ – (Frequent Asked Questions) EPISODE 2: THE MUSIC

The Episode 2 of the serie #FrequentAskedQuestion #FAQ by DJ Talent regarding the music. You can either watch the video or read the article. If you have any question please write in the comment section. Please subscribe to the channel.

How much music do you have?

DJs have a lot of music covering many genres and ages. The number of songs we have doesn’t really matter because we cannot play all the songs at one event, even if this goes one week. We will have to repeat songs and ignore some. That’s how it goes, because we care about the public needs.

What kind of music is included in your collection?

We have so many to accommodate every request. And also we update our collection constantly since we are working closely with our clients in selecting the music for the event.

Talking about myself, I’m specialised in Music from different kind of African genre from South to North and from East to West. I’m also international and I play Us and Europe Music from the 70’s to today.

Can we choose the music for the event / how do I make my song request?

Yes you can. Some DJs Agency offers you the opportunity to book your music via their website. Is a safe and good way to do so, but in some cases you can’t add a song they don’t usually play.

You can select all of your specialty music (i.e. First Dance, Parent Dances, and Introduction Songs etc.)

You can also text or write an Email with your requested songs to the djs if you know him personally. I’ll send you a “Songs Request form” to fill and to return 2 weeks before your event. Isn’t that cool?


How involved are you in helping us to plan our music?

Don’t feel like you have to pick all the songs for the entire night. We encourage our clients to give us some general guidelines and provide a short “must play” and “do not play” list. We like to have the ability to read the crowd, accommodate guest request and make sure you’re the guests are enjoying the event.

Do Djs usually take and play requests made by Guests?

Absolutely! Guests can make requests, but this is a touchy subject that brings DJs always in an uncomfortable situation, because we cannot play all the requested songs. That’s why we always recommend filling in a “song request form” before, so that we can know how and when to play it.

If you don’t want a certain song or kind of music played, we’ll make sure that even if it’s requested, we won’t play it. Keep in mind that our policy is “Majority Rules.” Our job is to keep people on the dance floor and if a requested song is going to send all back to their chairs, we typically won’t play the song unless it’s approved by you.

Can we bring MP3 for the DJ to play?

As long as the music meets the public and client expectation, any music brought by guests must be in a format that suits to our equipment. CDs, USB-sticks would be accepted, but we avoid playing music from a mobile phone. To avoid disappointment, write an Email or take your phone to contact the DJ

How do you mix music?

Mixing is a basic skill for a professional DJ, but how a DJ does it says a lot about his style. The Mixing style depends generally on the type of event. For example if I play at a wedding with grand-parents and parents, I’ll definitely consider it and not treat your event like every event such as nightclub party with remixes unless you want it.

The same consideration applies when I play for occasional parties, for younger public, and for mixed nationalities.

How can we listen to sample mix?

DJs are sort of musicians, although the majority uses the works of musicians to practise their profession. Where do you look to listen to music from your favourite musician?

That’s it! YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, iTunes or the website. You can find me everywhere. But for recent sample mix, you should connect to my blog. I’ll leave all the links on the description down below.

You can also ask for a particular sample mix. It’s free of charge and it requires 60 days.

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