FAQ – (Frequent Asked Questions) EPISODE 2: THE MUSIC

    The Episode 2 of the serie #FrequentAskedQuestion #FAQ by DJ Talent regarding the music. You can either watch the video or read the article. If you have any question please write in the comment section. Please subscribe to the channel. How much music do you have? DJs have a lot of music covering many genres and ages. The number of songs we have doesn’t really matter because we cannot play all the songs at one event, even if this goes one week. We will have to repeat songs and ignore some. That’s how it goes, because we care about the public needs. What kind of music is included in your…



    Hi guys, I share with you the way to learn how to become a DJ. If you like this post, please share the knowledge, you can also add your idea down below in the comment section. Subscribe to my blog and my youtube channel for more tips. BRING A LOT OF PASSION Becoming a DJ is not only about loving music, you should be passionate about entertainment as well. Matching the beats is not necessary the key when you don’t know what the public want to dance. You should at least loving music and entertainment. LEARN THE DJ EQUIPMENT Before You start practising, you should learn a lot about DJ…

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