FAQ – (Frequent Asked Questions) EPISODE 2: THE MUSIC

    The Episode 2 of the serie #FrequentAskedQuestion #FAQ by DJ Talent regarding the music. You can either watch the video or read the article. If you have any question please write in the comment section. Please subscribe to the channel. How much music do you have? DJs have a lot of music covering many genres and ages. The number of songs we have doesn’t really matter because we cannot play all the songs at one event, even if this goes one week. We will have to repeat songs and ignore some. That’s how it goes, because we care about the public needs. What kind of music is included in your…


    FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) – EPISODE 1: THE PRICING

    This post is one of the serie: the frequent asked questions. subscribe to my channel for more knowledge. The Frequent asked questions with answers. HOW MUCH DOES A DJ CHARGE ? Let’s say that every DJ has his own way to price an event. Generally it depends on some points – The hours he has to spent on the site – The distance to the venue. We gonna talk deeply about it in an upcoming question. Don’t turn it off now – The size of your event (What I mean by “big” is the number of guests you are expecting) The more you have guests, the more we need equipment and…

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