It’s now the time to go into the selection of your wedding service providers. You will easily realise that there are a lot of them and that you will have to sort through many companies. The same applies for your wedding DJ. Because music is a deciding factor in the atmosphere of your evening, it is a question of finding the perfect DJ who understands you and who will properly entertain your couple and your guests according to your personality.

After you have selected some DJs, to be sure to make the right choice, there is nothing like asking them directly some questions. I have prepared a list of questions that my clients have asked me most often, which of them brings you the answers that will help you find the right person.

Here is a list of questions to guide you in your interview with your wedding DJ:

  1.  Are you available on our Wedding day?

When contacting your DJ, do not forget to mention the place of the reception, but also the date of your wedding. Since I have been a professional Wedding DJ, the first question I have always been asked by the bride and groom is whether I am available at the date chosen. You can always change DJs, while changing the date of your wedding may be more expensive.

  1. Will you be the DJ at our Wedding?

The person you are talking to is not always the person who will be your DJ on your wedding day. If you book your DJ in an event agency, you should have the opportunity to speak in person to the DJ you will been working with.

To avoid bad surprises on your Dream Day, you should always require that the name of your DJ be mentioned on your contract. This is the only way to guarantee that he or she will be at your wedding. Asking this question will also highlight you whether you will be dealing with a whole team and technicians or a single DJ.

  1. How long have you been a Wedding DJ?

You definitely want a DJ who knows how to do his job because your wedding is the most important day in your life. You probably don’t want that an amateur DJ take care of it. He should know how to handle the equipment and control the highs and lows of the voice. If you really care about your Wedding reception, ask the DJ to provide some evidences. It could be a website with reviews, photos on the website, videos on YouTube etc.

The longer the DJ works in the wedding industry, the better it is. Ask your DJ how many weddings he make per year. Asking the DJ about his previous clients is a great way to see if it matches your expectations. Ask him how long he has been in the business and about his experience levels.

  1. How will you dress for the wedding?

It is a very important question when you are holding a themed wedding. Most DJs own a range of formal clothes to choose from such as tuxedo (smoking) or other simple graceful dresses. Other DJs will prefer to put on colorful, flashy clothes.

If you feel that It’s important that the DJ meet your dress code expectations, or dress in a specific way ask him beforehand and make arrangements to ensure he turns up in the right dress.

  1. Can we hear you mixing, how do you handle song requests?

To know if the DJ can play your taste of music, the best is still to see him in action an evening! If it is not possible to go to one of his sessions, try to get a mixtape or a video of a wedding where he used to play.

Any professional DJ should be able to honor your request, including music and genres that you don’t want to listen. By submitting a “do not play” list, it will give the DJ clear information about your expectations.

Ask your DJ if he can comfortably play the specific songs you like. Ask him if he can accept guests’ requests. Most DJs are happy to do so, but you will also have to be reasonable and be sure that your guests’ requests will please you.

  1. Will you help us plan the details of the reception party?

Your wedding DJ is not only there to play music. At least there are moments during your ceremony that requires some planning and concordance with the DJ. For example, if you care enough about your wedding you should be able to discuss the processing of your reception with him. When will the entrance happen and what song he will need to play, same for your first dance, the cut caking etc.

Most professional DJs will give you a list where the music must be written, as well as a table on which you will have to communicate all details related to the process of your reception.

But the perfect DJ must also have this information well upstream in order to plan properly your event. Make sure the DJ care enough about your wedding by asking him to help you plan the reception.

  1. What is the included in the price, how do you charge?

Before you go on hiring a DJ, make sure you hire the one that falls within your assigned budget. DJs use different systems to implement their pricing policy. Most DJs offer fixed prices and offer an all-inclusive package with extra costs for any additional service you need. Ask the DJ whether the rate of the service is fixed or per hour.

For their protection as for yours most Wedding DJs will ask for a deposit to book your date. The Market standards involve a 50% Deposit.

Ask the DJ about the specific rate for the extra time. Whether it is fixed prorated based on the original price. Find out more about DJ’s travel expenses.

  1. Do You have a written Contract?

All the wedding DJs may not have the same level of professionalism. A written contract is one of the first indicators to take into account whether the DJ is professional or not. In addition, a contract outlines the DJ’s obligations to the client and outlines what the DJ must do to make this performance a success.

A written contract is absolutely essential. Hiring a DJ that doesn’t offer you a contract, challenges the seriousness of your reception. Ask the DJ about your and his cancellation policy.

Some Venues require that all providers are insured. The insurance protects you and the Venue from potential problem, injury or other. Ask the DJ about all licenses and insurance and also find out how far in advance they need to be booked.

  1. What type of equipment do you use? Do you bring emergency equipment in case?

Any DJ that you want to hire must come equipped with their equipment and must use high quality equipment. If you have technical knowledge, you can always find out more about the DJ’s equipment, their quality, their power, and so on. However, ask beforehand to avoid additional rental fees.

A wireless microphone is essential for you to make some toast. Some DJs offer projectors and sets of light in their package (or as an additional service). Don’t forget to ask him if he owns all the required equipment. You should know where the DJ wants to place all of these lights and let him know your preferences.

Even the best and most maintained equipment may malfunction at some point. This situation can totally ruin the party and your mood so your DJ must have a backup plan ready. Your DJ must be prepared for this eventuality during your wedding. Make sure your DJ does have extra equipment in his car. You sure don’t want a quiet wedding.

  1. What are you expecting from us?

The DJ will ask you for a few things you need to provide in order to plan your event. The DJ will ask you about the space, access to electricity (for connections) and the table for the equipment. Make sure you understand what the DJ wants.

Propose a dish to your DJ. One of the main advantages of using a DJ rather than an orchestra is that the DJ does not need to take breaks apart from being able to eat a quick meal.


Your wedding is the most memorable event of your life and you leave no stone unturned to make it a perfect event. From choosing the right venue to hiring the best DJ, don’t leave any details. And why should you not do that? Getting married is actually a big deal. Get the right DJ to get the unforgettable memories, 81% of wedding guests say what they remember most is the entertainment. Make sure to book your DJ early as possible.

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