Recently one of my Facebook’s follower posted this annoying comment on her wall after having the service of a DJ for a wedding she just planned for her client. She was complaining about a DJ she just booked to play at a wedding she carefully planned. Knowing her, she did a great Job and the DJ just ruined it with non-professional maniere. Please read the complaint below:

Knowing  how to mix two songs doesn’t make you a DJ! Spoiling a party Mr. DJ. That’s what you did!

What is actually your Job, you guys from the Cameroon DJ league? Please bring some measures in your industry … Yes I insist! Everyone must play his role when it comes to planning a Wedding. But don’t forget that the reception is the most important moment…

I can’t imagine that the DJ played ghetto pornographic music while we have invited very important people, he played songs which content  is about divorce at a wedding party.

During the buffet he played music to “return belly”. Despite the reminder about the type of song to play, the dj forces us to listen some rough mixes.

Worst, despite multiple reminders, the DJ still turned up the volume, which made it difficult to talk without raising our voices.

I could write more …. but I stop there. Please DJs be professional. Don’t let your colleagues mess up your image.

After reading this I feel concerned with the complaint and this is what I replied back to her:

Dear Carole I can understand what you are feeling and I do apologise in the name of all professionals DJs. I always encourage DJs to make a differentiation between playing tracks in a club and playing for a reception. Few DJs understand the real customer service in our Industry and I’m sorry for that.

However I would like to add some comments:

  • As long as the couple don’t give a do not play list, they agree and don’t see any inconvenience, that their guests have fun on any music.
  • What I regularly do is to give forms to the bride and groom 6 months in advance, so that they have plenty of time to complete them with my assistance.
  • The role of a Wedding DJ is to entertain the guests. He is not responsible for individual emotions. As long as the majority of guests are having fun, they would definitely rate the DJ as good and recommend him.

Talking about me I give 3 forms to the bride and groom:

  • The Must Playlist Form;
  • The No Playlist Form; And
  • The Planning form for the processing of the evening, where the bride and groom will be able to mention which music  to play at their entrance, for the first dance, when they will receive the presents, for cake cutting etc.

The rest is managed by the DJ according to the guests needs and requests. It could also happen that I play “Si ta nga te barre le way” (which is a Cameroonian popular song aka not for wedding) at a wedding and it results to more bookings.

She happily replied back to me

Thank you DJ Talent. You are so professional, I wish your young colleagues could learn from you! You know I’m not talking about individual emotion! When the guests are mad at a DJ, it means that there is a serious problem!

The song that you quote could be a must play during a reception… Since the guests even sing back in chorus while dancing. But you admit that it is not the only style that you play …  This is why we have different genre of music.

In a mixed room with young and old you will not play only naija and zouk! No, you play according to guests.

Your reception is our priority especially a wedding reception. If you really want to have an unforgettable wedding and value your guests, you should avoid the above situation. Please always make sure to:

  1. Book your DJ early. You will have time to short brief him about your needs.
  2. Ask to receive by email the 3 forms to plan your music
  3. Send only the Must Playlist Form to your guests with the Wedding invitation. Or ask your guests to email you their favourite songs
  4. Request the assistance of the DJ if you are not sure about your suggestions.
  5. Send back the Forms and the guests’ songs early to the DJ and allow him to contact you.
  6. Enjoy the Party

As I always say music is a deciding factor in the atmosphere of your evening, it is a question of finding the perfect DJ who understands you and who will properly entertain your couple and your guests according to your personality. Have you ever experienced such a bad situation at a reception? If you are planning a reception I’m sure you don’t want to disappoint your guest and you want to live your Dream Wedding. If you had the opportunity to avoid this kind of situation what precautions would you have taken?

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