Whether you are looking for a wedding DJ via search engines on internet, through wedding forums or even by recommendations from your entourage, it is necessary to hire a professional to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Before booking a DJ for your wedding ceremony, always consider asking other people around you for a better opinion. Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues at your workplace. Ask about their experience about hiring a DJ for a wedding. Ask out the other professionals related to the wedding ceremony arrangements. If you have a wedding group or associations in your area, then check them out.

In this article I’ll give you my 12 years’ experience honest tips, that will help you choosing the perfect DJ for your wedding or Ceremony.


On internet you will find very attractive prices from £200 or cheaper. We strongly advise you against using the services of these inexperienced DJs who are definitely working with low-end equipment.

The budgets spent by couples are quite different. It is strongly recommended that you plan ahead a substantial budget for the entertainment. Many couples mistakenly think about choosing the wedding DJ at the end of their wedding planning and they finally end up with any DJ. Don’t be that couple.

By comparing several quotes in advance, you will quickly realise that the rates vary from one provider to another.

In big towns or according to your needs, the rates can raise up to nearly £2000. Two different couples will not spend the same budget for a wedding with 50 guests and 300 guests. The average price is between £397 and £500 for a basic service with very little options for duration of 6 hours. With some DJs, you will also have to add travel costs, accommodation, meals, overtime etc.

Always check the reviews on different wedding DJs in your area. In this case, web search can help you a lot. Nowadays the web has become a powerful tool to plan anything. If you want to book a well reputed and an experienced wedding DJ, then the online review sites can help you a lot.


The first impression is often the right one. Your DJ should be someone you “click” with. Someone that you trust will do a great job at your reception. A professional DJ always has a website of his own. One important step, when you plan to hire a DJ, is to check his or her website.

Grab the phone and do not hesitate to make a telephone interview, which should be followed by an exchange of mails and then a physical meeting to better know your DJ. This first meeting will tell you a lot about his character. You will finally be able to ask him all your questions related to your expectations and his performance. Don’t focus on the price but rather what the DJ has to offer.

You can also get in touch with the other wedding professionals who have worked with the DJ you want to hire for your wedding ceremony. They could give you a clue of the type of work that the DJ has done in the past or recently.


The DJ usually comes with his equipment. It is not up to the couple to do it. If your wedding venue is already equipped please speak with your DJ. Some venues come with a conference sound system that is not suitable for playing music at a high volume. In addition to the Sound system your DJ can offer specific lighting, various effects such as smoke, sparks…

The perfect wedding DJ should be listening to you, taking notes and asking the right questions to collect your expectations. A wedding DJ should speak with you about the service he can provide and not about his equipment. You have no ideas what that all cost and do and is none of your business. The DJ should be able to sell you a feature (like “dancing in the cloud”) not the value of his equipment. My pro-tip to you: Don’t book a DJ that care more about his equipment than your wedding ceremony.

Don’t get me wrong, your DJ should be able to provide high quality equipment, but that’s not everything you should focus on during the meeting. Ask the DJ these few questions:

– What is included and what other options do you have?

– How many lights options do you have?

– Do you have wireless microphone? Video projector?

– Have you got backup equipment?

Your Wedding DJ should plan your music with you, speak with you about your reception timeline, approve your suggestions and prevent you about music you like that could empty the dancefloor. Asking your DJ to provide a Music Request Form (Must-Play List; Don’t Play List) and a Ceremony Planning Form (when to play which music) could help the DJ to play the music according to your taste.

All this and more are a surefire way that will enable the DJ to offer a personalized, exclusive, trustworthy experience that will draw your dream wedding


Your DJ must be willing to assist you during the planning of the reception wherever you need music. The DJ should be reachable by phone to advise you in your choices. Always ask to receive the paperwork by mail and do it with full attention. Once you have decided to hire a DJ and have followed the steps above, try to get the paperwork done on time. The cost settlements, the venue arrangements, make a contract on the terms of risk if something unusual happens. Most DJs have their own contracts and require a certain amount of payment as a deposit. In most cases, this deposit is non-refundable only in certain condition. Please check the policy first or ask your DJ

Always mention in the contract that for how long you would want to hire the DJ for your wedding ceremony. This can help you with cost management.

The most important thing to remember is to take the contract seriously. If something is important to be added by the DJ, always get that in writing. This would make you avail the services of a professional DJ without any kind of doubt in your mind. Always schedule everything with the DJ you are hiring for your wedding day party.

Having things done in discipline and without any conflicts, makes you enjoy your wedding day party with full joy. So that day in your life can be a memorable one also.

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