The cost of a DJ for a wedding will depend on the key information of your wedding and the basic prices set by the DJ. The Price range for entertaining a wedding may depend on so many factors. In this blog post, I will cover exactly how much does a wedding DJ cost? And how to determine the budget to hire a wedding DJ

A successful wedding celebration relies on how the guests feel, but especially on a good DJ. So there is no question of being wrong in its choice for the day. Define your expectations and especially meet several providers before making your choice.

1. Define your basic expectations FIRST!

To make sure to choose the right DJ for your wedding, it is strongly recommended to have an idea of your ideal celebration beforehand: it will be easier to choose the person who will meet your expectations. Before you look for the perfect DJ, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long will the ceremony last ? Are you looking for an evening wedding DJ only?
  • How many guests will be present? How big is your room?
  • When are you looking to celebrate, 
  • What musical colour do you want to give to your party
  • Do you want the DJ to introduce Games? Do you need a professional host ?
  • Do you have some extra requirements ? (Up lighting, games, animation, video projection, duration, hosting, reputation…)

Please also read this short blog post where I go in deep details on all the Questions to ask yourself before choosing your DJ.
Once you have done your homework, it’s now the right time to look for your suitable DJ.

2. The Cost may depend on “WHO” you want as a DJ!

It really depends if it’s a friend, an amateur or a professional, an illegal or a declared provider … Do you want a live DJ who can play songs without gap or just a playlist DJ with computer? 

As you might already know, there are several types of DJ structures: individuals (amateurs, professional providers) and DJ agencies (with many DJs).

DJ cost can vary

  • Based on the residential location of the DJ
  • Depending on whether it’s a full time or part time DJ, an amateur or professional DJ
  • Because of the legal status of DJ. The billing of VAT or not that may result, has a significant impact on the rate you will pay at the end.
  • According to the reputation of the DJ

We really can find all kinds of DJ and therefore all kinds of Prices. If you decide to go for a private one rather than an agency, which I strongly encourage. Please opt for a professional rather than an amateur, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

3. How much does a Wedding DJ cost in Reality?

You can find affordable and more expensive DJs, but it does not always mean that affordable is all cheap and more expensive is overpriced, it remains your own choice. It all depends on the budget you decide to dedicate to the entertainment of your wedding ceremony, but importantly on what you would like to have as extra on your wedding day. Don’t just decide base on the price alone but the quality of the services. Looking for the most competitive price could sometimes ruin your dreamed celebration.

The wedding DJ cost will depend on the key information of your wedding and the basic prices set by the DJ. Every DJ can set the prices based on his own criteria. As explained above, not only your expectations but also who you hire can really affect the final DJ cost

If the average is £1000, African and Caribbean Wedding DJ will start at between £300 and £800.
The rest being options, if you want a luxury wedding and add extras such as dancing on the clouds, lighting projection of your names on a wall, the uplighting or coloured theme decoration of your room, the fireworks, the memories and videos projections and so on… The price can climb up to £1,500, or even £2,000.

In any case, do not hesitate to meet several DJs, to compare offers and always put prices as second option. It must be checked during a quote that everything is clear and transparent because an attractive offer in terms of price may hide limited benefits, (the number of hours or incomplete light and music equipment such as multiple reliable wireless microphone for your toasts). Your evening might not be up to your expectations. It is therefore strongly advised to request a quote from the DJs as well as the detailed service for the wedding.

Finally, before signing the contract, check all that it includes and everything that the DJ will be supposed to manage (equipment, lighting, etc.), to have peace of mind on the day.

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