FAQ – (Frequent Asked Questions) EPISODE 3: THE EQUIPMENT

Who is supposed to provide the equipment DJ or Client?

There is a big difference between being a DJ and having a mobile DJ business. As a mobile DJ you are not only a DJ, you are an entertainer. You should provide equipment for events where you are booked for.

Now if someone books me for an event, where he is supposed to make money, I mean a club party a concert etc… because he is an entertainer as well, we DJs are expecting from him, that all the equipment should be at place and set up.

Does the DJ provide equipment / Lights?

Yes! I provide music equipment and lights for small events from 0 to 300 persons for the moment. For larger events I work closer with colleagues or DJ equipment hiring services.


What type of equipment do you use?

I use only professional high quality and reliable equipment. Equipment for music and lights would be provided. I want to keep this video short I’ll just leave you the links in the description below so that you can have a look of what equipment I’ll bring to your party. I’ll shoot more videos where I’ll gradually show you my equipment. Keep watching my channel and subscribe for more knowledge.

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Do you provide wireless microphone?

Where there are speeches, a microphone is a must for every event. I can provide up to two microphones to be used during the ceremony and reception, one from that is wireless. This could be depending on your cost

How much times will the DJ needs to Setup?

For most events the setup is only one hour or less, this would be for a group of 300 persons. For larger events where more equipment is needed, it might be longer

What happens if the DJ’s equipment breaks down?

Even thought our equipment is extremely reliable, even the best equipment can fail. It can happen for 1 to 5 min, but if it happens for longer than 30 min and there are no guests involved then the DJ should arrange a refund for the time he couldn’t play.

Do you have back-up equipment?

I think it is important to plan in case equipment does go out.  Depending of what has broken down; we can always fix it and continue the entertainment. A back-up is always ready but I’m working hard to provide a complete set as a back-up. The more you book me, the more I can save money for more equipment

How long does it take for dismounting?

Dismounting could take the same time like the setting up. There are a lot of cables to roll up and every equipment must be carefully tidy up. If you booked the venue until a certain time, make sure the DJ has time to lean up before the venue owner comes to close.

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