If you read this article you are probably looking for the DJ for your wedding. You also want to make sure you are well informed before you start searching. But are you aware that this is not an easy task? You’ll need to contact the DJs, get the price, choose from the DJs, and you think that’s it?

As this is your first time hiring a DJ for wedding reception. There are so many factors to consider when looking for the perfect DJ. I am DJ Talent, Wedding DJ expert. In this article I will share with you the mistakes that people make when looking for their DJ for the reception. I hope to guide you and give you the essential to choose the perfect DJ

Hiring the DJ at the last minute

One of the biggest if not the biggest mistake couple make is to lag behind when planning the wedding. They decide very late to find the vendors that will work for the success of the wedding and also put the entertainment part at the very last position.

Most of the best DJs with good reputation are already booked well in advance, and most couples choose Saturdays in the summer to celebrate their wedding with the family. Your choices are limited and when the best DJs are already taken, you might end up with the amateurs. Finding the DJ you want is not as easy as you think, don’t believe they’re all the same.

Not Seeking To Identify the DJ’s Personal and Professional Skills

Once you took the first step searching for your DJ don’t think that’s enough to have a great reception. If you enjoyed the DJ’s mix, this does not mean that it will be the perfect DJ for your wedding. The next steps would be to learn to know the professional skills of your DJ. It could be either on the telephone or through e-mail.

The first interaction with your DJ should give you an idea on his personality. How the DJ talks on the phone, how and when he replies or send you e-mails and when you meet. To ensure how he come across punctuality appropriate manner and if he carries themselves professionally during your consultation.

The music preference could also play a major role in the choice of your DJ. He may be perfect for the club, and not good enough for a wedding.

Trying to get the Cheapest DJ You Can Find

When you enter a shoe store with the intention of buying you a new boot that will warm your feet during the winter, you will not get out from there with a ballerina. Because you are well aware that a ballerina will not cover your feet as well as the boot from the cold.

In the case of hiring a DJ especially for a wedding. It’s the same comparison: you get what you pay for. All the DJs are not the same. The less a DJ charges could transpose that he doesn’t have the experience, or just has few business and customer service skills. Any DJ that has done a lots of weddings knows the value of a great Wedding. On the other side, hiring the most expensive DJ in town, doesn’t mean you’re the best for you.

Think about your guests who want to have fun on your wedding day. Don’t let your guests leave earlier because they don’t like the party. Paying more for the DJ than your invitation card and your wedding website is worth the money. Don’t fall into trap of thinking “cheap DJ is money saving”.

Letting The DJ Think For You

Many couples hire a DJ for their wedding and leave him the power to decide for them. They don’t have enough time to communicate with him about the first dance and the timeline of the reception or worst they keep the DJ informed of everything in the rush and expect the DJ to give a great Job. There is nothing unprofessional and worse for a DJ.

Having a Verbal Contract From The DJ

Ignoring the importance of having a written contract could be devastating for your reception. A verbal contract is never enough, what will be your guarantee when the DJ don’t show up ?

Not Anticipating incidents

The way you really want your guests to enjoy the party, the more the vendors care about their venues. You can’t prevent the behavior of your guests and you can’t stop a disaster to happen but you can protect yourself from high indemnity cost, when something happen to the DJ equipment. A professional DJ is going to have Liability insurance that will protects his business.

Not Having a Plan B with Your DJ

As we already seen at your Wedding Day, incidents which you nor the DJ has control over could happen! To be on the best side it’s better to prevent than to repair. You don’t need to have a clue about DJ’s equipment to make sure the music will play all night. But don’t forget to ask for a back-up equipment that’s it! An Equipment’s failure could be the end of your great party.

Basing Your Decision On Equipment

Don’t let the DJ impress you with the latest and more expensive equipment. Don’t get me wrong it’s very important that your DJ provide a high quality equipment to prevent failure, but this should not be the focal point of his marketing.


  • Good DJs with a great reputation are booked far in advance.
  • Connect with your DJ and learn to know more about his preference and professionalism
  • Always secure your date with a deposit and a contract.
  • Don’t have your reception ruined by an Amateur. Leave this to a reputable professional that can provide a backup plan and liability insurance
  • You should be involved in the reception planning: Communicate your special songs, timeline, name of guests that will make a toast and anything the DJ might need to know.
  • A Good DJ sells unique service not the value of his equipment

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